Seirra Hamilton

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Contingent Staffing

Sierra provides contingent staffing to upstream and midstream operators and service companies. Our candidate source is based on over 48 year history in the oil & gas industry and having US offices in all the major oil and gas basins. We provide a full range of solutions, including recruiting and payrolling of contactors (our W2 employees), permanent (direct) hire, managed solutions and fully-outsourced services.

Operators and service companies reach out to us for workforce solutions because:

  • We stand behind our clients and consultants. Sierra Hamilton indemnifies our clients AND our consultants.
  • Flexible, compliant employment – able to provide contract personnel as benefited employees (W2) or independent contractors(1099)
  • Comprehensive vetting of all consultants based not only on a compliance centered process but also on our knowledge of each consultant’s capabilities, experience, references in our network and the best fit of personalities for our client’s team.
  • Longevity you can count on – we have 48 years in the business with PEI (1970), Hamilton Engineering (1976) and Sierra Engineering (1988) and we intend on being around for as long as E&P’s and consultants need us
  • Largest network within the industry providing a personal level of service through relationship building with our clients and consultants
  • Large operational footprint in all basins of the US including Permian, Mid Continent, Rockies, the Gulf Coast and the Northeast.
  • Technical and operational experience to support consultants if needed by the client.


  • Project Management
  • Maturity Assessments
  • Strategy Development
    - People
    - Engineering Workflows
    - Technology Identification
    - Information Technology