Seirra Hamilton

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  • Drilling & Completion

    We are the leading on-site supervision and engineering design firm in the lower 48. The majority of large multinational oil and gas corporations as well as independent exploration and production firms rely on our consultants for all types of drilling and completion operations, including hydraulic fracturing and flowback.


  • Well Control

    We’re prepared to assist any company’s response effort, no matter how small or large the project may be. This includes working with other well control service providers to devise and implement the blowout response strategy if the client desires.


  • Reservoir & Production

    We strive to be the on-call resource for your asset and subsurface technical teams. We value long-term relationships and work closely with our clients to understand their needs and objectives. Our projects are overseen by internal subject matter experts, and we call upon our strategic alliances for their own specific areas of subject matter expertise.


  • Asset Management

    Auburn Energy is in the unique position to assist our financial clients who see opportunities to identify, acquire, operate, optimize and then monetize oil and gas properties. We have three subsidiaries capable of legally operating properties anywhere in the United States.

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