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Well Control

Blowout Engineers - A Sierra Hamiton Company

Blowout Engineers provides vital well control emergency response and engineering for almost any kind of project. We take pride in doing exceptional work for clients around the globe at a reasonable cost.


Well control modeling can help an operating company in a number of ways. The following are examples of projects that have been completed by Blowout Engineers:

  • Well Control Emergency Response Plans
  • Relief Well / Dynamic Kill analysis and reporting
  • Well control drills and exercises
  • Equipment reviews and evaluations for drilling, workover and completion operations such as mud/gas separator (MGS) and diverter simulations and sizing
  • Simultaneous operations plans for pad drilling sites
  • Dynamic kick tolerance modeling for WBM and OBM systems
  • Kick evaluation with various circulation methods
  • Bullheading and momentum kill models
  • Post-event studies


Well control projects can easily overwhelm the people assigned to handle them if they lack experience. An effective and decisive response can require more resources than some companies anticipate.

Effective assistance with project management can greatly reduce the time and expense of dealing with a well control event. It takes years of experience and knowledge to do it well. We have worked for numerous clients as the blowout project manager in the field and office.

We’re prepared to assist any company’s response effort, no matter how small or large the project may be. This includes working with other well control service providers to devise and implement the blowout response strategy if the client desires.


We’re capable of responding to any kind of blowout anywhere in the world. Our people have years of experience responding to well control events across the globe with major well control contractors and operators. Through strategic partnerships, we can provide the full spectrum of well control response and specialized firefighting and well control equipment including:

  • Firefighting pumps and systems
  • Specialized cutting equipment
  • Athey wagons
  • Special services equipment


Drilling a relief well may be the best solution to a well control incident, depending on the particulars of the event. This is normally the case when the wellhead is no longer accessible or when the flow path is obstructed, thus preventing re-entry into the blowout well. Many times a relief well is drilled concurrently with surface intervention efforts. Such projects can be complex, and they require a high level of expertise in a number of areas:

  • Relief well design and construction
  • Surface location selection
  • Intercept strategy
  • Ranging strategy and vendor selection
  • Directional considerations
  • Kill modeling, design and execution
  • Kill plant strategy and requirements

The importance of experience cannot be overstated. That’s why some of the best-known companies in the industry rely on us to provide a highly skilled veteran teams to help plan and execute their relief well projects.


Monitoring of producing field well stock for issues including but not limited to:

  • annular pressure (other than thermal)
  • frozen valves
  • inoperable valves
  • annular pressure build-up
  • potential shallow zone crossflow

All of these issues are a vital part of maintaining well integrity. Our team can work with your field production personnel to systematically review all well stock for issues, as well as present a detailed report for the necessary remediation to mitigate well integrity issues from becoming well control problems.