Seirra Hamilton

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Company Philosophy

Our people, and the people we do business with, are the building blocks of our success.

Our reputation, earned over the past 25+ years, is too important to leave to chance.

We believe our two client groups are equally important:

  • Our independent consultants who display their trust by choosing to work through us
  • Our customers who trust us with their projects

Trust and integrity are core values we must live up to every single day.

We believe in doing what we say we will do every time.

We believe in empowering our employees and having each decision be governed by 3 tenets, in order of:

  • Do what is right
  • Do what is right for the company, when relevant
  • Do what is right for the individual, when relevant

We believe in protecting the environment we all live and work in.

We believe all our employees, consultants and clients should work safely, look out for each other and go home in the same condition every night as they came to work in the morning.


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What We Do

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Provided consultants for more than

15,000 Drilling &
Completion Jobs

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Provided consultants for more than

3,000 Hydraulic
Fracturing Jobs

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Leveraging more than

1,000 Highly Skilled