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Well Control

A vital segment of any drilling project, well control engineering can be used in many ways to benefit a wide range of projects. The definition of the term "Well Control Engineering" will likely vary based on past experience. Blowout Engineers is in the business of providing an exceptional product to our client base with reasonable costs related to well control services. Our mission is to add value to the client’s project at an
economically feasible rate and we invite you to give Blowout Engineers an opportunity to be involved in
your next project.


Well control modeling can assist the operating company in many forms. The following are some examples of past projects that have been completed by Blowout Engineering personnel:

  • Relief Well / Dynamic Kill analysis and reporting
  • Equipment sizing for drilling operations
  • Mud/Gas Separator (MGS) sizing
  • Diverter line sizing
  • Vent line sizing for MGS
  • Dynamic kick tolerance modeling for WBM and OBM systems
  • Kick evaluation with various circulation methods
  • Bullheading models
  • Post-event studies


Well control projects can easily overwhelm the personnel assigned to handle a company’s response efforts to an event. This is often attributed to the simple fact that the company’s personnel have never seen or been involved in a well control project. An effective and decisive response effort can take more resources than generally anticipated. Effective assistance with project management can greatly reduce the time and expenses associated with a well control event. As with most facets of well control, it takes years of experience and knowledge to prepare for this type of effort. Blowout Engineers is prepared to assist any company with these types of response efforts, no matter how small or large the project may be.


Blowout Engineers is fully capable of responding to a blowout anywhere in the world. The personnel at Blowout Engineers have years of experience responding to well control events across the globe with major well control contractors and operators. Blowout Engineers is fully capable of providing specialized firefighting and well control equipment through strategic partnerships.

This includes:

  • Firefighting pumps and systems
  • Specialized cutting equipment
  • Athey wagons

Special services equipment (hot tap, gate valve drilling and freeze) In addition to blowouts and firefighting Blowout Engineers have successfully aided operators in resolving hundreds of complex pressure control and kick events. These jobs can be quite complex and go well beyond the normal well control experience of most operator personnel.

This includes:

  • Pressure control complications
  • Underground blowouts
  • Complex snubbing intervention
  • Blowout recovery operations



Drilling a relief well may be the best solution to a well control incident, depending on the parameters surrounding the event. This is normally the case when the wellhead is no longer accessible, or when the flow path is obstructed preventing re-entry into the blowout well. Many times a relief well is executed concurrently with surface intervention efforts. These projects can become complex in nature and require expertise for successful execution. There are many facets to a relief well project, aside from simply drilling the well. These are as follows:

  • Relief well design and construction
  • Surface location selection
  • Intercept strategy
  • Ranging strategy and vendor selection
  • Directional considerations
  • Kill modeling, design and execution
  • Kill plant strategy and requirements

Experience cannot be overstated on a relief well project and Blowout Engineers can provide an exceptional team for the planning and execution of any relief well project.


The monitoring of a producing field well stock for issues including but not limited to annular pressure other than thermal, frozen valves, inoperable valves, annular pressure build-up, or potential shallow zone crossflow. A “hit team” working with field production personnel systematically review all well stock for issues and present a detailed report to management for necessary remediation to mitigate well integrity issues from becoming well control problems.